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RHCE 5.0 (Red Hat Certified Engineer) – RHCE began in 1999 and has earned by over 20,000 linux experts. Independent surveys have ranked RHCE program as #1 overall for all of IT. 

Module 01 :- RH033 Red Hat Linux Essentials – 40 hours
Understanding the Linux file system.Common maintenance tasks.Essential Linux commands from the command line.Performing common tasks using GNOME GUI,vi editor.Launch applications from command line and GNOME interface..Printing commands and utilities.Customise X Windows System.Regular expression pattern matching and I/O redirection.Copy files to and from a floppy disk.Install, upgrade, delete and query packages on your system.Network utilities for the use.Power user utilities. Misc. topics  
Module 02 :- RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration – 32 hours
Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux interactively and with Kickstart. Control common system hardware. Create and maintain the Linux filesystem. Configure NFS clients and autofs. Understand system and service initialization. Perform user and group administration. Integrate a workstation with an existing network running common network services .Configure a workstation as a client to NIS, DNS and DHCP services. Administer the Linux printing subsystem. YUM. Automate tasks with at, cron and anacron .Maintain and interpret system log. Back up filesystems to tape and tar archive. Install, update, query and remove software packages with RPM .Update the Linux kernel from an RPM. Configure the X Windows System and the GNOME desktop environment .Perform basic performance, memory and process management. Configure basic host security. Perform basic troubleshooting
Module 03 :- RH253 Red Hat Linux Network and Security – 32 hours
Networking services on Red Hat Enterprise Linux – server-side setup, configuration, and basic administration of common newtworking services: DNS, NIS, Apache, SMB, DHCP, Send mail, FTP, proxy etc. Security administration using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Introduction to Security Developing a Security Policy Preparation Local Security Files and filesystem security Password security Kernel security Basic elements of firewall Virtualization with Xen Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based security tools Responding to a break-in attempt Security sources and methods Overview of OSS security tools
These three modules prepares you for RHCE exam. Your RHCE training will also include (all these topics which are exclusive with Network NUTS):  
1. Introduction to RHCSS.
2. Intense Challenge Labs – Over 40+ real labs that will train you over practical and real    corporate solutions.
3. Revision Module – Special classes for RHCE exam preparation – again exclusive with  Network NUTS.

Download: 《RedHat Certified Engineer 5.0 》

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