《Oracle 10g 管理員手冊》英文版 電子書分享

《Oracle 10g 管理員手冊》英文版《Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook》
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Product Description

From the exclusive publisher of Oracle Press books, here is an architectural and technical reference on how to use Oracle Application Server 10g to Web-enable Oracle databases for application server systems. You’ll find coverage of installation, configuration, and tuning, using Java with Oracle Application Server 10g, and much more.

From the Back Cover

Maximize the New and Improved Management Capabilities

Install, configure, and administer Oracle Application Server 10g and take full advantage of its flexible architecture. This exclusive Oracle Press book explains how to manage business applications, portals, and Web sites in the grid computing environment. You’ll learn how to use all the administration features to their full potential, streamline management, improve resource utilization, and deliver higher functionality in the enterprise.

  • Configure and manage the Oracle Application Server 10g infrastructure
  • Administer and maintain the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)
  • Minimize the transmission of redundant data using the Oracle Application Server 10g Web Cache
  • Configure the server to support Java and J2EE applications
  • Handle backup and recovery
  • Manage Oracle Container for Java (OC4J) with Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Connect applications to the database using JDBC, TopLink, and Entity Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Take advantage of the built-in high availability features
  • Monitor, tune, and load balance the server
  • Implement security measures in all server components

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