CCDA Exam Certification Guide

CCDA Exam Certification Guide
CCDA Exam Certification Guide.jpg

So you have worked on Cisco devices for a while, designing networks for your customers, and now you want to get certified?
There are several good reasons to do so. Cisco’s certification program permits network analysts and engineers to demonstrate their competence in different areas of networking and at different levels. The prestige and respect that come with a Cisco certification will definitely help you in your career. Your clients, peers, and superiors will recognize you as an expert in networking.

In the Cisco Routing and Switching career certification path, there are two certification tracks: the Network Design track, with which this book is concerned, and the Network Support track. Figure I-1 illustrates the various levels of the two design tracks for Cisco Routing and Switching career certification. Note that Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) is the entry-level certification in the Network Design track.

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