LPI-1 Certification Self-Study Guide

LPI Certification Self-Study Guide by David Horton

The LPI Self-Study Guide is intended to provide a quick and inexpensive method for experienced Linux users to prepare for Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification exams 117-101 and 117-102. The LPI Self-Study Guide is not a
beginner’s course and makes no attempt to teach any of the subject matter in detail. Instead the study guide provides a structured method for quickly absorbing the knowledge required by the exam objectives. Links to external references and documentation are provided for key terms and concepts and there are practice questions with answers at the end of each chapter.

Table of Contents

1. About The Author
2. Disclaimer
3. Copyright&License
4. Making Contributions
I. General Information
1. Exam Preparation Methods
1.1. Is The Self-Study Guide Right For You?
1.2. Alternatives To This Guide
1.3. Study Groups
2. Test Taking Tips
2.1. Understanding the Test Format
2.1.1. Types Of Questions You Will Encounter
2.1.2. Taking Advantage Of “Mark For Review
2.2. Managing Test Anxiety
2.2.1. In The Days Before The Exam
2.2.2. On The Day Of The Exam
II. Exam 117-101
3. Hardware&Architecture
3.1. A Brief Look At The Objectives
3.2. Ports, Interrupts andDMA
3.3. IDE Disks and LBA
3.4. SCSI Devices
3.6. Modems and Sound Cards
3.7. Practice Questions
3.8. Answers To Practice Questions
3.9. Additional Resources
4. Linux Installation&Package Management
4.1. Practice Questions
4.2. Answers To Practice Questions
4.3. References
4.3.1. Disk Layout
4.3.2.RPMPackage Management
5.GNU&Unix Commands
5.1. Practice Questions
5.2. Answers To Practice Questions
5.3. References
5.3.2. Pipelines, Redirection and Compound Commands
5.3.3. Processes and Priorities
5.3.4. Foo and Bar
6. Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
6.1. Practice Questions
6.2. Answers To Practice Questions
6.3. References
7. TheXWindow System
7.1. Practice Questions
7.2. Answers To Practice Questions
7.3. References
III. Exam 117-102
8. Kernel
8.1. Practice Questions
8.2. Answers To Practice Questions
8.3. References
9. Boot, Initialization, Shutdown and Runlevels
9.1. Practice Questions
9.2. Answers to Practice Questions
9.3. References
10. Printing
10.1. Practice Questions
10.2. Answers To Practice Questions
10.3. References
11. Documentation
11.1. Practice Questions
11.2. Answers To Practice Questions
11.3. References
12. Shells, Scripting, Programming and Compiling
12.1. Practice Questions
12.2. Answers To Practice Questions
12.3. References
13. Administrative Tasks
13.1. Practice Questions
13.2. Answers To Practice Questions
13.3. References
14. Networking Fundamentals
14.1. A Brief Look At The Objectives
14.2. IP Basics
14.3. IP Ports and Protocols
14.4. Network Configuration
14.5. Network Troubleshooting
14.6. PPP Configuration
14.7. Practice Questions
14.8. Answers To Practice Questions
14.9. Additional References
15. Networking Services
15.1. Practice Questions
15.2. Answers To Practice Questions
15.3. References
16. Security
16.1. Practice Questions
16.2. Answers To Practice Questions
16.3. References

LPI-1 Certification Self-Study Guide Download:http://www.itcert.org/thread-3768-1-1.html

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